Robin and Brock Teach Kids About Character Values


It started out as any other day for the group of Bloomfield Elementary School students. That is, until the door opened and 130 pounds plus of pure love stood before them, his tail wagging like a windshield wiper caught in torrential rain.

Brock, the greater than life teddy bear whose mission in life seems to be spreading joy and friendship, is a jet black Newfoundland who has become quite a celebrity among school age children throughout Butler County area schools.

He and his sidekick Robin Atyeo have been visiting students for about six years now. Actually, I’m not quite sure who is whose sidekick. I guess it would be more appropriate to call them partners.

Together through reading and activities they encourage children to think responsibly and make good decisions. It was actually Robin’s idea – Brock just happily tags along. You could all his a job with ‘perks’.

They’re actually a small nonprofit called R.S.B. Character Education (created to help Robin raise enough funds to keep the program going) aimed at teaching kids lessons in character values. How do they do that? Well, Brock’s Adventures is a series of books drawn by Robin’s now 17 year old son featuring everybody’s favorite larger-than-life teddy bear and local recognizable venues specific to local neighborhoods. In the classroom, Brock sits quietly while Robin first reads a book to the kids sitting round and then has a discussion about choices. Petting and hugging times comes after they’ve listened and participated.

The second part of the lesson comes after Robin and Brock leave. Kids can earn the status of ‘Brock’s buddy’ by completing character building activities throughout the month.

Robin recently received a grant to produce videos for teachers, giving classes more flexibility in teaching the lessons. Through the video program students will earn a visit from Brock through their completion of character building exercises.

So what drives this mother of four – that’d be two human kids and two that have four legs (did I mention the Altyeo’s just got puppy Brody, another Newfoundland, to be a teacher’s aide also?) – to give so much of her time and energy to her program?

“I had worked for the Butler County Juvenile Court and saw so many young people making bad decisions that were life changing. To teach kids that they have it in them to make good choices is really rewarding,” Robin said. “I hope Brock’s Adventures helps them to pause and think about the consequences of their decisions.”

I’d say by the number of Brock’s Buddies – she definitely has.

For more information on Brock’s Adventures, please visit their website.

(right – Brock & his illustrator, Scott Atyeo)

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