Good Things Pledge

Kennedy Heights Students Took The Good Things Pledge


All of us have within ourselves the power to make a positive contribution. Cultivating that good through a sincere respect, caring and appreciation is one of the most important gifts we can give.

In our hectic lives filled with deadlines and so many responsibilities, we sometimes need a little reminder.  It is the here and now that counts, and every one and every moment that gives our life meaning.

Kennedy Heights Montessori Center students took the Good Things PledgeThat was the purpose behind my creating the Good Things Pledge several years ago and hundreds of people have signed up – either through my blog or in person –  to be Good Things Pledge Champions.

I recently stopped by the Kennedy Heights Montessori Center where the entire school became Good Things Pledge Champions. Before handing out their certificates, I read a book and led a discussion with them about kindness, appreciation and friendship. Then one of the students read the Pledge aloud. Please see the video below to watch. I was so proud of them all!


What is the Good Things Pledge?

The Good Things Pledge is simply a promise – a personal vow that involves liking yourself and others, appreciating the little things that make life special, being kind, and being aware that every small act has the potential for a huge impact. Those behaviors are collectively called Good Things and many people already are already doing them.Good Things Pledge created by Lisa Desatnik

By becoming a Good Things Pledge Champion, you are making a promise to remind yourself every day of what is positive…And you are helping to keep Good Things Going Around.

Every Champion receives a personalized Pledge certificate.

Register today!

And, if your workplace, school or group would like to become Champions just as the staff of The Cincinnati Herald, please contact me. I’d love to stop by and take your photo!

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Harlem Globetrotter Alumni Helping Cincinnati Youth


Meet my newest Good Things Pledge champions….Albert Gordon, Larry Coleman, Michael Douglas, and Tyron Hollywood Brown (pictured with me).

I met them at FOX19 and these Harlem Globetrotters alumni who are now part of the Harlem Legends Basketball Entertainers are all about doing good. They are in Cincinnati to play a basketball game Thursday night at Princeton High School benefiting the Princeton High School athletic department.  Funds raised will help ensure students who want to play  and can benefit from sports will be able to have that opportunity.  Who will their team be up against? Community and business leaders, and educators – all of whom share a common passion for wanting to help young people succeed. The game will begin at 6 p.m. at Princeton High School (11080 Chester Rd; Cincinnati, Ohio 45246). Tickets are $10 in advance or $13 at the door. For more information, please call 513-864-1500.

Are you a Good Things Pledge champion? Sure you are. We all are because we all have within ourselves the power to do and nurture good things. If you visit my Pledge page on this blog and add your name, I’ll send you a certificate.

About the Harlem Legends

The Harlem Legends Basketball Entertainers are all Harlem Globetrotters alumni who want to use their talents to bring out the best in others, especially young people.

Legend Michael Douglas began his youth foundation in 1991 to provide positive and educational activities for communities around the globe. The Michael Douglas Youth Foundation brings together motivational speakers, NBA stars, Harlem Legends members and entertainers to raise money for nonprofits and teach youth how to succeed in the game of life.

Chosen as an advocate for the President’s Fitness Challenge, the Harlem Legends will take the lead in being role models for youth and society through a variety of activities including Shoot for the Stars basketball and physical fitness camps, celebrity basketball shows and motivational programs.

 “Kids are our future. They look up to professional athletes and so we want to be the best possible role models we can be. We’re all about encouraging them to follow their dreams to ensure a bright future for themselves,” Michael told me, “but we’re not just helping kids by doing this, we’re helping…period.”


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Monica Magette Is A Good Things Pledge Champion


Being a Good Things champion means you recognize that you have within yourself the power to do, feel and nurture good things. We all have that power.  Some days we just need a little reminder and that is what the Pledge is all about.

Today Monica Magette became my newest Good Things Pledge champion.

I worked with Monica years ago and what I remember most about her is her huge smile that lights up a room and never seems to flicker. We ran into each other over the weekend and that smile is as brilliant as ever.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Monica, she has spent many years working for area nonprofits including Lighthouse Youth Services and the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati where she helped coordinate large signature fundraising events. She has also given of her time to help causes in her neighborhood of Wyoming and through Greater Cincinnati. Now she is focusing on expanding her own company – I’Moni Events, LLC – to produce, manage and consult on events.

I asked Monica why she became a Good Things Pledge champion. “The Pledge is a reminder to spread joy and it becomes contagious,” she told me. “When you pledge to do good it becomes a commitment, and then you pass it along to other people.”

 Are you a Good Things Pledge champion?

To become a champion, simply visit the Good Things Pledge page and  fill in your name. I’ll send you a certificate.



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The Cincinnati Herald Staff Are Good Things Pledge Champions


I created my Good Things Pledge as a fun way of reminding people that they have the power to do and feel Good Things.  We have the power to stand tall and rise above when things may not appear to be going our way. We have the power to appreciate all that is beautiful and meaningful in our world.

It has been so fulfilling to see how many people have signed up to become Good Things Pledge champions. Today, I just added Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Dan Yount, Courtney Myrick, Inez Barnes, Walter White, Andrea Laudat Blackmon, Wade Lacey Sr., Gwen Seay, and Rachel Roberts to the list. They all work for The Cincinnati Herald and they invited me to their office today to hand out their certificates and take their picture.

I have worked with The Cincinnati Herald for years on behalf of my clients, the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Beech Acres Parenting Center and others. They are truly caring group of people who do so much for the community – individually and collectively. I appreciate their generosity. Not to mention their excellence in reporting news.

To become a Good Things Pledge Champion, simply add your information to this page and I’ll send you a certificate.
If you’d like for me to stop by and take a photo of your office or group with certificates, just send me a message
in the Contact Lisa page.

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Good Things Cincinnati Is On Youtube


Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve created a Youtube channel and it’s called Good Things Cincinnati.

My first video was recorded downtown Cincinnati at WIZF. Popular personality Jade West took the Good Things Pledge and talks about why you should as well.

Taking the Pledge is simple. Simple click on the ‘Take the Good Things Pledge’ page and add your information. I’ll send you your certificate.

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