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Life Lessons Learned From Sam


Sam is our family companion, friend and pet. I’m his trainer (or I like to say teacher); however, it occurred to me this morning how much he is teaching us. Here are some of his lessons.

When loved ones and visitors come to your home,
always run with enthusiasm to greet them.

Give of yourself freely to others just because you can.

Thrive on the joy of just being together, of getting
and giving attention.

Remember to let everyone know they are important
and practice loyalty every day.

When someone you care about is happy,
celebrate too.

When someone you care about is having a bad day,
know that just nuzzling close may be all that is needed.

Don’t waste time being angry or sad,
life is way too short for that.

Don’t fret about the little stuff,
be joyous that this is a new day
and a new moment.

Run, romp and play every day.

Show your happiness by waggling your whole body.

Pay attention to everything meaningful.

Take time to sit on a rock and just watch the world
around you.

Lay in the grass and savor the scents carried through
the fresh air crossing your face.

Delight in the joy of a long walk with your favorite person.

Never ever pass up an opportunity to go for a ride in the car.

And don’t ever try to be anyone but yourself..

Just be the very best you can be.

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Are You Having A Good Day?


Make Good Things A Part Of Everyday
With The Good Things Pledge


Warning! People throughout Greater Cincinnati (and beyond) need to be warned, by giving of a few minutes of their time, they are contributing to a rapidly growing outbreak that is highly contagious. But doctors say it is not dangerous, in fact, they recommend following the directions below…


The outbreak is spread through Good Things Pledges. Brand new to our area, people who are being affected by the Pledges are beginning to show up in schools, businesses, community centers and homes; on the streets of Over-the-Rhine and in the suburbs. EVERYONE is susceptible – from little children to adults. People of all backgrounds need to be advised that this epidemic is easily spread from one person to the next with just a simple smile and a positive attitude.

What are these Good Things Pledges and why are they so catchy, you ask? A Good Things pledge is simply a promise – a personal vow that involves liking oneself and others, appreciating the little things that make life special, being kind, and being aware that every small act has the potential for a huge impact. Those behaviors are collectively called Good Things and many people already have them.

The Good Things Pledge

On this day and every day, I pledge to myself…

I will be thankful for what I have,

for people who I love and people who love me.

I will walk tall and not be afraid to fall.

I will be kind and help others just because I can.

I will brighten this day with my smile.

I will do my best to be the best me I can be.


Let’s give this outbreak a boost!
Do your part by taking the Good Things Pledge and spreading the word.


How does one take the Good Things Pledge? Simply go to the Pledge page on this blog and register by scrolling down in the white box to fill in your contact information. EVERYONE who registers will receive a frameable certificate just for taking a few minutes to make the promise; and can download and share an image on Facebook or Twitter that states he/she has taken the Pledge.

Thanks! Oh, and have a good day!


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We Can learn A Lot From A Child


If you haven’t yet heard about Mattie Stepanek, let me tell you about him. In June 2004, three years before he would have been old enough to drive, he lost his brave battle with a rare and fatal neuromuscular disease.

In his life, he experienced the difficult loss of three siblings. He endured physical, emotional and spiritual pain. But Mattie was an astute young boy who had profound wisdom about things that matter most. He celebrated life every day. He recognized the beauty in everyday circumstance and he lived knowing happiness is never out of reach, if you just look with your heart.

Mattie began sharing his thoughts when he was just three years old. His poems and essays are among the most beautiful I’ve ever read. They are his legacy, his heartsongs.

Believing in Someday

We will all join hands
And live together…
Helping each other,
Loving each other,
We will all make the world
A much better place…
And be like a gigantic,
Smoothly rushing river of peace –
A loving circle that nothing can break,
We may start with just one person,
And one permanent peace agreement
Within one’s self, within one’s world.
Personal peace can then spread
Within and between the families,
Then within and between communities,
And then within and around the whole world.
We can become
As close to perfect
As anything and anyone can get.
Let us each join our own Heartsong
With this old song of the heart, and believe…
“Let there be peace on earth,
And let it begin with me.”

Written in 2000 when Mattie was 9

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