Carolyn Dickerson Focuses On Strengths


Carolyn Dickerson and I first through a volunteer leadership role I had with the American Marketing Association a few years ago.

Carolyn Dickerson is a Cincinnati marketing professional who inspires Little did I know at the time how her presence in my life would impact me personally and professionally. We quickly became friends. If your life has been lucky enough to have crossed paths with hers, you more than likely have grown as a result also.

Carolyn is brilliant when it comes to business leadership and marketing. Always studying to remain up-to-date on technology advances, she has successfully managed projects ranging from $100K to $2.5M; and conducted presentations and trainings in sales and social media; and consulted with many organizations to help them to be more productive and successful.

What really sets Carolyn apart is her rare and genuinely caring nature, and how she flawlessly knows how to bring out the best in those around her. Carolyn so naturally motivates people by focusing on their strengths. She goes out of her way to help others find their inner spark, when sometimes they can’t find it themselves. And she is always looking for opportunities to give back.

If ever I find myself having self-doubts, I can count on her to tell me to ‘quit it’ as she will go on to remind me of my accomplishments and my abilities.

Carolyn is one of five children born in rural Kentucky. “When you grow up in a very poor family, your parents give you what they can. Mine didn’t have money to give, but they gave me my values,” she said.

“I have known my purpose since I was a small child. I was raised to serve thanks to my mother,” Carolyn went on to tell me. Her mother was a petite woman, with a frame no taller than 4 feet 9 inches. But Carolyn’s mother had immeasurable wisdom. “She was an aide at St. Elizabeth Hospital working in the psychiatric ward before the medical profession understood what Alzheimer’s and dementia were. One day she came home and I saw a large bruise on her back as she took off her uniform. When I asked what happened, she said someone was upset and threw her up against a wall before some could pull him off of her. When I asked why she did what she did for a living, she told me, ‘Honey, someone has to care!’

“This is why I am who I am and my younger sister is a nurse, my nephew is a certified nursing assistance and the family legacy goes on! Her legacy is that she taught that caring is important.

My dad always taught us to dream big because he wanted a better life for us than he had. He always encouraged us to get an education. He told us, ‘To Show THEM what you are made of! You can do anything if you want to do it bad enough. Dream big!'”

What Carolyn’s parents gave her is something far more valuable than money. Carolyn is someone I admire so much in the way she leads and manages. She demonstrates every day that organizations, teams, and people are the most successful when they encouraged to see the big picture and the finer points of their strengths. But also I admire Carolyn as a human being who models integrity and compassion.

And I am glad to be able to call her my friend!

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One Response to Carolyn Dickerson Focuses On Strengths

  • Carolyn, or better known as my little sister has truly been a blessing to our family. Love you sister.

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