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Today I am highlighting a very long time friend who I have known since a little girl when he was my mom’s and my hairdresser, Kenneth Collopy, owner and artistic director of Perfections Hair Salon in Montgomery.

Kenneth Collopy, owner of Perfections Salon in Montgomery, is Our CINspirational People featureAfter having trained under the Artistic Director of Antoine’s of New York City, Kenneth’s 55 year career has including cutting and styling hair of many celebrities including the BenGal cheerleaders, Bob Braun, soap opera stars, Elizabeth Taylor, Dianna Ross, and more. It was his long time friend and client of more than 40 years, Carl Linder Jr., who had the biggest impact on Kenneth’s career and life.

Please learn more about Kenneth below.

GTGA: What do you love most about what you do?
Kenneth: It gives me the chance to be artistic and meet some incredibly wonderful people, especially Carl. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.

GTGA: In what ways did Carl Linder Jr. influence your life?
Kenneth: He really impacted my entire life. We talked about everything from religion and politics, to business, to life and relationships.

Carl had cards that he would pass out with different quotes on them. One of them was, “Be nice to people on the way up because they are the same ones you will meet on the way down.” Another was about old friends being gold and new ones being silver.

More than just carrying around those sayings, I have never met anyone walk the talk the way that Carl did.
He always made it very clear to me that I was his close friend and he has helped me out many times. I’d watch him talk to his gardeners and he spoke to them no different than he would the President.

Carl was my mentor professionally and in life; and contributed to most of my success. He was the neatest, most loving and generous person I have ever met outside of my father. You could walk in feeling down and you always left Carl with a smile.

GTGA: What is the best advice you have ever received?
Kenneth: Carl always told me to concentrate on my persistence. You have got to believe in what you are doing and put your all into it. Most people give up too soon. If your heart is not into what you are doing, then do not do it.

GTGA: What are some of your simple pleasures?
Definitely fishing and working in my yard.

GTGA: Of what are you most proud?
Kenneth: I am so proud of my family including my wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I am most grateful because I feel like I have been the most fortunate person I know. Uncle Carl used to say, “I never worked a day in my life and gee, I am lucky. But the harder I work, the luckier I get.” There is a lot of truth in that. If you are negative, then you won’t see the positive. People who recognize the best if life, grab it and go for it.

I have experienced depression all of my life and may never know what it is like to not experience that (with professional help) but I still count my blessings. Depression is a chemical condition. It is very difficult but you learn to live with it and know you are not living in this moment.

I always say the best is yet to come. And I am 72.

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One Response to CINspirational People: Kenneth Collopy

  • I have been blessed to know Kenneth for over 60 years now, we have remained friends all these years. I’m so proud of his accomplishments. One of his greatest assets is his beautiful wife Jill. The greatest love in his life is Jesus Christ.

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