CINspirational People: David Perry


CINspirational People is my feature where I share stories of diverse people’s lives from our Cincinnati region. David Perry is someone who I met through work, and am connected to on Facebook.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a holiday that has unique significance to David’s life. He wrote about it, and about how he hopes his story will inspire others. Please read about David below.


It was Martin Luther King day 24 years ago when I suddenly became totally blind due to Detached Retina. As I look back on the last 24 years of my life, I consider myself beyond blessed to have so many abilities, such as cooking, holding down a job, driving so many people crazy, and so much more! David Perry of Cincinnati remembers how it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day 24 years ago when he became blind; and how that event has been his inspiration.The hardest thing for me to accept, or even understand is when I am given limitations from people who don’t really understand people with blindness being over comers in so many ways! The whole truth is that people who are blind are just as vital human beings as much as people who are sighted! The real problem with blindness is not the disability itself. However, the real problem is all of the misunderstandings society has regarding blindness! Blindness doesn’t define someone’s characteristic. However, their courage and abilities to do their very best truly defines who they really are! The whole truth is we all have vision! The question is how do you choose to see life? I choose to laugh at my disability, and enjoy everything that God has given me! God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends and family throughout my life, and all of these people look great to me! Making today’s vision tomorrow’s victories, making today’s obstacles tomorrow’s opportunities, and making today’s problems tomorrow’s possibilities shines the light of beauty! The ability of being an over comer is the only way to live! Remembering January 20, 1992, the day that changed my life! Although I lost my vision from a physical perspective, I gained vision in so many other regards! The eyes in my heart see all, and this kind of vision is the best! Enjoy your day!


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