A Husband’s Love Portrayed Through Art


Magno Relojo is one of Cincinnati’s extremely talented fine artists. He also happens to be a beautiful human being all around. I have known him and his wife, Patty for years since the days when I took dance lessons. (Patty’s mother is one of my CINspirational People.)

Magno posted an image to his Facebook page recently of a very personal painting he just finished. It is a portrait of Patty. But more than that, it is a story of courage, determination, strength, and love. Patty is a cancer survivor. Magno wasn’t able to work on his piece during her fight but he has completed it now. Below is the painting, and below that is Magno’s message that he shared on Facebook.

Cincinnati artist Magno Relojo painted this of his wife, a breast cancer survivor


“…I really don’t have to remind myself about the time my wife had to go thru her battle with breast cancer. But I saw a person that is courageous and strong at the same time fighting this ugly disease. I wanted to paint her then but did not have the courage at that time.

In this painting, there is a little sadness in her eyes which is in contrast with the beautiful blooming flowers that surround her. These flowers represent all those beautiful people that supported her and were there by her side fighting for her…it has been three years.”

  – Magno

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