Say Something ‘NICE’ – Kindness Begins With Me & You


Kimberly Holmes Wiggins of FOX19 did a beautiful story last night that is a reminder to us all about the power of our words and actions. The story was about ‘saying something nice’. You can see in her package the difference between the reaction she received from people downtown and students on the University of Cincinnati campus. It gives you food for thought, that’s for sure. Why do you think there was such a difference?

One thing is for certain, you can see how much fun it is for not just the person saying something nice but for those around to hear the words also.

Spreading good things and kindness is so simple. A positive word, a smile. That is all it takes to brighten someone else’s world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all consciously be mindful to look to find the strengths and gifts of everyone with whom we know or meet?

We CAN. It begins with ME and YOU.  Let’s get it started!

(Please click on photo to view Kim’s story on FOX19)



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