UC Berkeley – Studies On Kindness


Wow, how about this?

Researchers at UC Berkeley are challenging the beliefs that human beings are wired to be selfish. In contrast to ‘every man for him (or her) self’, social scientists are amassing evidence that shows us evolving into more compassionate and collaborative human beings. They call it ‘survival of the kindest’.


Absolutely! This is really no surprise to me but great to have the scientific data. All around – in classrooms, religious sects, companies, nonprofit social service agencies, casual and organized groups, and neighborhoods – there are untold stories of people giving back. It’s wonderful to see.

The recent study led by UC Berkeley graduate student Laura Saslow and Sarina Rodrigues of Oregon State University, actually looked into a variation of the oxytocin gene receptor informally known as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ People with that variation are more adept at reading the emotional state of others and get less stressed out under tense circumstances. Who knew there was such a thing as cuddle hormone?

Here is a link for more information:
Studies on kindness

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