Sue Ellen Stuebing Has A Gratitude List


Sue Ellen Stuebing is chief development officer for Public Media Connect, the organization that houses the Cincinnati and Sue Ellen StuebingDayton PBS stations – CET and ThinkTV.  When I think about people who have a natural way of bringing a smile to my face, Sue Ellen is right up there on my list. I have known her for years through my PR work with area nonprofits.  Always when I call her I am greeted by a warm voice on the other end.

I learned something new about Sue Ellen the last time we spoke. She keeps a Gratitude List to keep track of those who have impacted her life in a positive way.  I couldn’t help but ask her about it. This is what she shared.

If it isn’t too personal, what are some of the things on your list?

People who make a difference in my personal and professional life or things that sometimes I take for granted, good health, a comfortable home, a career that I enjoy.

 How do you create your list?

I just have a journal that I note the date and write a few things that I consider as a gratitude list before I go to sleep.  I started writing a gratitude list about 20 years ago when a friend gave me a journal for a birthday present.  There are times in my life that when I have written daily lists and times when I have not written in a month or more.  I actually have more of a sense of peace when I think about the things I am grateful for and reflect on those things on a daily basis.Gratitude List

How often do you look at it?

I have only read over my past gratitude lists a few times. I really try to concentrate on each day.

How has keeping the list impacted you?

I am optimistic the majority of the time and I think that the daily reflection of gratitude helps me continue to be positive.

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