Cincinnati Metro Bus Operator Honored For Good Deed


Here is to good people doing good things!

Cincinnati Metro honored a bus driver for act of kindness

Photo, from left: ATU Local 627 President Troy Miller, SORTA Board Vice Chair Ken Reed, SORTA Board Chair Jason Dunn, Metro Operator Jontay Love and Metro Interim CEO Darryl Haley.

When Cincinnati Metro bus operator Jontay Love got in his vehicle the day of October 13, it was to be a day like many others. However things took an unexpected turn.

He was driving Metro’s Rt 43 through Avondale around 10:15 pm when he heard gunshots. Jontay stopped his bus and saw an injured person lying on the ground calling for help. He followed Metro protocol to alert the authorities, and he got off the bus to assist the victim. Jontay stayed with the individual and talked to him until authorities arrived…and then finished his route as usual.

“I wanted to help keep him calm. I didn’t want him to panic or go into shock,” Jontay said.

A Metro operator for the last 10 years, he has had several commendations for his service during his tenure. SORTA presented him with Metro’s STAR Award, which stands for “Service That Attracts Recognition,” on Oct. 21. This award acknowledges and rewards employees who demonstrate exemplary service to Metro and the community.

Here is to random acts of kindness!


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