Meet Good Things Intern, Cambray Smith


I am so excited to introduce to you my new intern, Cambray Smith. Cambray is a senior at the same school where my love for writing was instilled, Wyoming High School. She is such a very warm, special person. Her great wisdom on life, relationships and philanthropy is mature well beyond her years. And in her years, she has experienced what many will never be exposed to in their lifetimes. I feel so fortunate to have not only met her but to have her as my Good Things Going Around intern until she leaves for college at the end of the summer. No doubt I will learn a lot from her and be inspired by her acts of compassion. I am confident that you will too. Please check back often to read her posts – her perspective on the world around her.

A letter from Cambray

Hi everyone!  My name is Cambray Smith and I’m a senior at Wyoming High School.  I’ve accepted an informal internship position with Lisa, and I’m excited to start adding some of my thoughts and reflections to Good Things Going Around.

Cambray’s family decided to sponsor Shailaja after she told them about the impact this sweet little girl had on her during Cambray’s mission trip to India. Shailaja had been found at the hospital after her mother’s death with no one to take care of her, so House of Compassion took her in. Recently, Shailaja has moved out of the house and lives with some relatives who are now more able to care for her.

To start out, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.  I’m the oldest of four girls, which reaffirms the impressiveness of my father, a man who functions with an incredible degree of sanity despite the many women in our household.  There’s certainly drama, but I love my family very much, and I consider my parents some of my best friends.  I spend a huge amount of time at the pool, and even though I’m not the fastest on my team (or anywhere close to it), I love every moment that I spend at practice, even if my entire team constantly complains about morning practice, cold water, and all-weekend meets.  It’s an endearing (and enduring) type of complaint, as we continually explain to our coaches.

At school, I participate in service, Model UN, and student council.  I see those as backdrops for some of the more interesting life experiences I’ve had, such as traveling internationally to work with orphan care groups four times; I’ve been to Monterrey, Mexico three times and Hyderabad, India once.  I’m headed off to Haiti this summer through a social justice program called the Heroine Fellowship, which I’m sure I’ll mention in some of my writings.  I feel pulled to global issues and I hope to work specifically in international public health in the future.

I’ve loved writing since sixth grade and I’m so grateful

Cambray Smith

“Shirisha was one of the most energetic children I’ve met on my trips. She was constantly hugging people, drawing us pictures and speaking rapidly in Telagu. One of my friends captured this moment perfectly—it’s definitely one of my favorite photos ever.” – Cambray

for the amazing school that I go to that has stressed the art of communication.  I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share a bit of my world with you.  Thanks for reading and have a great week!




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