Tara The Beagle Gets Prosthetic Legs And A New Life


There is something truly special about animal lovers. This sweet dog, Tara was found clinging to life on the grounds of a Romanian hospital. She had gangrene on all four legs and her front two legs were rotted to the bone. While veterinary surgeons were able to save those back two legs, the front two needed to be amputated.

That is where Kelly Hare came into the picture. Kelly runs a British nonprofit called Safe Rescue For Dogs, and no sooner did she hear about dear Tara’s plight did Kelly jump into motion, raising £3,000 to not only save the Beagle mix but to also make it possible for Tara to be fitted with two prosthetic legs.

These days Tara runs and plays just like her friends. And by the way, Kelly has grown so fond of Tara that it looks like they’ve found a forever home together. Life is good again.Tara the beagle mix with prosthetic legs

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