The Cincinnati Herald Staff Are Good Things Pledge Champions


I created my Good Things Pledge as a fun way of reminding people that they have the power to do and feel Good Things.  We have the power to stand tall and rise above when things may not appear to be going our way. We have the power to appreciate all that is beautiful and meaningful in our world.

It has been so fulfilling to see how many people have signed up to become Good Things Pledge champions. Today, I just added Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Dan Yount, Courtney Myrick, Inez Barnes, Walter White, Andrea Laudat Blackmon, Wade Lacey Sr., Gwen Seay, and Rachel Roberts to the list. They all work for The Cincinnati Herald and they invited me to their office today to hand out their certificates and take their picture.

I have worked with The Cincinnati Herald for years on behalf of my clients, the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Beech Acres Parenting Center and others. They are truly caring group of people who do so much for the community – individually and collectively. I appreciate their generosity. Not to mention their excellence in reporting news.

To become a Good Things Pledge Champion, simply add your information to this page and I’ll send you a certificate.
If you’d like for me to stop by and take a photo of your office or group with certificates, just send me a message
in the Contact Lisa page.

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