The Lesson In A Random Act Of Kindness


When I look back on my long career, I have so many reasons to smile. I have been so fortunate to have worked on so many truly heart-touching, community-strengthening and even fun causes and organizations. I have worked side by side some of the most passionate people who dedicate their days to improving the lives of others.

For me, it is great fulfillment knowing I have been a part of helping those people and those causes to further their ability to impact positive change. I admire them and am inspired them constantly, learning so many important life lessons from their example.

This week I was reminded of one of those lessons. On a steamy hot Cincinnati summer day, I walked into my bank with an envelope in my hand.

However, as I walked up to the table where I fill out my deposit slip, I had no idea how my day was about to change. There, in the envelope, resting on top of my check was $30 in cash with a hand written note from my client. The note reads, “Lisa – Thanks for everything! Great work. Take yourself to your favorite restaurant.” (and then signed by my client)

The smile that swept across my face was for the most part stuck there the rest of that day. I shared what had just happened with the bank teller, with an old friend who I happened to run into at a restaurant, and with my friend who I was meeting for lunch. quote about a random act of kindness by Lisa DesatnikActually I think I shared it with everyone with whom I spoke.

When I got back to my desk, I was feeling so happy. I was more creative in my thoughts, more productive in my work, more enthusiastic about goals. Later I reached out to a few people who I hadn’t talked to in way too long, one being someone I had helped years back.

It is amazing what appreciation and a random act of kindness can do to a person, and the ripple effect. Day in and day out we are so used to our daily routines. We work long hours to meet deadlines and goals. We try our best to manage many demands on our time. And as we go about our way, it is easy to forget to let others know we appreciate them and the good effort they put in; to smile at a stranger as we hurriedly rush to a meeting; or to help someone who is having a bad day.

As humans, whether we admit it or not, we all have a basic need to feel valued. It is how we get the most out of ourselves, others, and our relationships with them.

A random act of kindness is just that. It is random. It can be as simple as a smile or a hug, writing a note of encouragement, or opening a door. But it is also a deliberate act that brightens someone’s day.

My challenge to you is this: today and every day, find simple ways to let those around you know that you value them; and be conscious to look for opportunities to spread kindness. Let’s keep this ripple flowing.

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