Give Back Cincinnati Keeps Giving


A photograph on my dresser serves as a lasting memory of the afternoon I was part of a group who volunteered at a local nursing home. I think there were about 40 of us from Give Back Cincinnati there that day. Some of us were matched with residents, others helped coordinate the games.

I was with the same woman all afternoon. We played a lot of black jack, and I remember thinking lucky for us it’s play money. Actually what I remember most was the smiles and laughter we shared on that day. For a short time these people, many of whom used wheelchairs to get around and needed you to speak loudly so they could understand, were engulfed in happiness. It struck me too as I looked around the room how neat it was to be among so many peers whose common interest was the desire to brighten other people’s lives.


Afterward the volunteers gathered for a drink at a nearby pub. We talked about our experiences, but we also talked about each other. We probably all walked away with at least one new friend. I know I was uplifted. What a wonderful reason for bringing people together.
Give Back Cincinnati is such a great concept. The nonprofit, all volunteer, organization was started by three people who wanted to create an opportunity for young people to socialize through activities that are making a positive difference in communities. Today the group has more than 5000 members and has diversified to include international projects, national trips in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, and local civic engagement and volunteer efforts.

Paint the Town is the largest and flagship event, involving some 1300 volunteers. This year teams painted 42 homes for those who wouldn’t have been able to afford to hire someone. However, with more than 30 local projects there is almost certain to be a volunteer event for every interest.

To learn more about Give Back Cincinnati, please visit their web site at

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One Response to Give Back Cincinnati Keeps Giving

  • Very cool. I'm not from Cinci, but still enjoy the blog and the heart behind the people who serve others.

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