CINspirational People: Todd Frazier


Last  year I had the great pleasure of meeting our amazing Cincinnati Reds All-Star, Todd Frazier, through my work in serving as the director of public relations and communication for the Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival. Todd and Ted Kremer starred our Festival’s public service announcement.

It was obvious from the moment he walked into the room for filming, that Todd is someone of All-Star status, and I am talking about his off the field, out of uniform person. The human being who embraces life, cherishes family, and values friendship. He is someone truly special. It was an honor to have met and worked with him, and it makes me so proud that our great city came together to vote Todd into the All- Star Game by a huge margin.

Hearing about Todd’s comments made during the National League portion of All-Star Game Media Day was of no surprise to me. We are proud to call him our hometown ambassador.

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quote from Cincinnati Reds Todd Frazier


“He (my dad) told me to be nice to everybody. You never know who is watching. And have a good time. That’s all I try to do because you never know who you are talking to or if it’s going to be the guy you are riding on the bus with next week and you get a flat tire and that could be your next best friend. That’s how I go about life.” – Todd Frazier

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