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Cambray Smith is a senior at Wyoming High School in Cincinnati and is interning with Good Things Going Around Wyoming High School student Cambray Smiththrough the summer. Please visit back as this tendor, very talented student, leader and philanthropist shares her life lessons in blog posts.  To learn more about Cambray, please visit her introduction page and you can find her posts by doing a blog search or clicking on the category with her name.


Today my heart is so full.

Let’s back up to a couple months ago.  One of my classmates was having a rough time in school and ended up staying home and taking time off to sort of unravel how she was feeling for a couple weeks.  This girl was very quiet and she assumed that she’d go unnoticed.  Some rumors spread around at school about what was happening because no one was completely sure, but we were all very relieved when she rejoined us.

About a month after returning to school, this girl decided to use technology to spread positivity.  Readers of Good Things Going Around might be used to this, but as a high schooler, my newsfeed often gets inundated with pictures of parties and vacations as opposed to anything truly meaningful.  She wrote out a long, heartfelt status on Facebook where she was vulnerable about her past misconceptions about people in our school.  She emphasized how truly thankful she was for every person who had reached out to her during the couple weeks where she was gone, and then proceeded to rally the grade with such enthusiasm and heart.  High school can be a lonely, difficult time, but my friend did not let her past feelings get in the way of spreading love, class unity, and gratefulness.

She didn’t stop at a Facebook status, though—she proceeded to write some of the kindest compliments to people in our school via social media, paragraphs and paragraphs of words that are hard to say because we’re trained not to be too open with each other.  I saw such clarity in her words—this girl is able to see the good in everyone, and she’s not afraid to call them out for it.  My generation gets a bad rep for our supposed shallowness and impatience, but there really are some great representatives of the teenage years, and she is one of them.

I received a text from her today talking about what a great day it was.  She got her first college acceptance letter (woohoo!!) and is excited for some of the opportunities that have opened up through this display of honesty and emotion.  I’m proud of my friend—not only is she becoming bolder and more passionate by the moment, but she brings out the best in others by reminding them about the importance of sharing our lives with each other.


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