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Congratulations to Anthony Muñoz Foundation Straight ‘A’ Students!


More than congratulations…I want to say WAY to GO for these Cincinnati area students who are excelling in and out of the classroom.

Each year the Anthony Muñoz Foundation holds the Straight “A” Scholarship to award deserving young students who are:

  • Pursuing Academic excellence as well as Athletic achievement
  • Actively serving the community
  • Possessing a strong Ambition
  • Maintaining a winning Attitude
  • Having the ability to overcome Adversity

The nomination process ran until February 25. After all nominations were submitted, the pool of candidates was narrowed to 18 senior finalists. One male and one female senior finalist received a $5,000 grant towards their continuing education. The remaining senior finalists received a $2,000 grant. All 18 finalists celebrated their all-around achievements in April, 2013.

Anthony Munoz Foundation Straight A Student finalists

The 18 finalists: received $2,000 college scholarship

DeNesha Bell, Dolores Clark ,Jamie Daley,  Lindsay Darkins, Allison Glatt, Rachel Hall, Emily Kroger, Sarah LaCombe, Cerryia Lindberg, Ryan Burton, Shannon Chambers, Zachariah Class, Tom Cropper, Kyle Damen, Jacob Havran, Ben Linnabary, Adam Steele, and Matt Toerner.

Anthony Munoz Foundation Straight A students

The Male Senior finalist: received additional $3,000 scholarship

Shannon Chambers-Aiken HS; University of Cincinnati

The Female Senior finalist: received additional $3,000 scholarship

Rachel Hall-Saint Ursula; College Undecided


Anthony Munoz Foundation Is Accepting Applications For Scholarships


The Anthony Muñoz Foundation is offering high school seniors the opportunity to be awarded $20,000 in scholarship money through the Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund. The deadline for the Scholarship Fund is April 30th, which means Anthony Munoz Foundationthere is a little more than a month left to apply.

The Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund is awarded to students who demonstrate a desire to overcome adversity, have financial need, excel academically, and fulfill a leadership role in the community. Up to six $20,000 scholarships will be awarded. Eligibility requirements and the scholarship application can be found on the Foundation’s website

The recipients of the award will be recognized on June 9th, 2013 at the Hall of Fame Dinner in Mason, Ohio.





Anthony Munoz Foundation Is Looking For Straight ‘A’ Students


Do you know a Greater Cincinnati Straight ‘A’ high school student? I’m not talking about a student who necessarily gets 100% on every test. The ‘A’s that the Anthony Munoz Foundation are looking for include Academic excellence and Athletic Achievement, Actively serving in the community while possessing a strong Ambition, a winning Attitude and the Ability to overcome Adversity.

Nominate him or her for the Anthony Munoz Foundation Straight A Scholarship. While freshmen, sophomores, and junior are eligible for recognition from Anthony Munoz himself, Senior high school students are eligible for the monetary scholarship. The top 18 Senior finalists will be invited to a luncheon (9boys/9girls) and the two winners will be chosen (1boy/1girl) The winners receive $5,000 and the remaining finalists will recevie $2,000.

All high school students with a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average and in the Foundation’s Impact Region are eligible. All students nominated will receive a letter of recognition signed by Anthony Muñoz along with name recognition on the Straight “A” Scholarship webpage. Nominations are due by February 25th. Click here to nominate today!

2012 Straight 'A' winners Anne Pace of Seton High School and Robert Pieper of Eaton High School stand with Anthony Munoz

2012 Straight ‘A’ winners Anne Pace of Seton High School and Robert Pieper of Eaton High School stand with Anthony Munoz

Greater Cincinnati Students Doing Good – A+ For Kindness


It is so wonderful to see young people being encouraged to make a difference in their world. More than 1200 Greater Cincinnati high school students from over 100 schools attended last October’s Anthony Munoz FoundatiStudents at Cincinnati's Ursuline Academy made love noteson’ s Youth Leadership Seminar where they were challenged to come up with a community service project to spread kindness. Their ideas made such an impact.

One Example

Students at Ursuline Academy already make sandwiches that they donate for distribution through a locStudents at Cincinnati's Ursuline Academy created love note projectal shelter and they have a club that knits scarves for those who need warmth. Now, each of those recipients will be getting a ‘love note’ attached to the gift that students made as part of their Youth Leadership Seminar project. It is all about uplifting those who can benefit from nurturing encouragement. I just love it!  And by the way, I am told this was totally student driven.

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