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Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary Rescues Dogs & Cats Without Hope


Meet Matilda. At 14, her teeth are not in the best of shape and her skin is infected. Her vision is impaired from a Angels Rest Animal Sanctuarycataract in one eye and a corneal ulcer in the other. And, when found after being dumped in a back alley during frigid temperatures her fur was so severely matted that it needed to be shaved, exposing her fragile outer covering to the elements.

Matilda was slated for euthanasia, but, this sweet little girl was not finished living. A guardian angel helped her find a very special place that saves dogs and cats like her that have been given up on by others.

Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill hospice-type facility that cares for these animals deemed ‘unadoptable’ because of advanced age, life-long ailments, terminal illness, disabilities, or temperament. The nonprofit facility provides critical care and wound management, and never euthanizes an animal due to space limitations.

“Our goal is to take animals out of situations where they would be facing imminent danger and provide them with a comfortable place to spend the remainder of their lives, no matter how long it may be,” I read on their website.

In my book, it takes truly special people to do the work that they do. The more I read about their stories, the more touched I became of their mission.

This past weekend – November 16 and 17  – they hosted a grand opening celebration of their newest and largest location that houses a thrift store and adoption center; and houses the dogs and cats in their care.

They are seeking donations for their thrift store as well as monetary donations. And, of course volunteers.

Angel’s Rest Sanctuary is located at 1263B W. Ohio Pike, Amelia, OH 45102. For more information, please visit their website at or call them at 513-800-0738.

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