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This post is written by intern Brittney Bash, a student at Cincinnati Country Day School.

“Be who you are, because that’s what you have.  Impact other’s lives the most by being honest and true” –  Lisa Bodollo

Lisa Bodollo would describe herself as nutty, crazy, creative, and passionate. With a job in the performing arts, one indeed needs to possess each of these traits. Lisa is the theater arts teacher and director at Cincinnati Country Day School. She’s previously worked at Mercy High School after obtaining undergraduate degree in Education from Bowling Green State University and her Master’s Degree in Directing and Theater Production from Central Washington University. Along with Cincinnati Country Day, Lisa also teaches and directs productions at Mount Saint Joseph University.

Both of her parents are from Hungary and some of her favorite childhood memories are from when she would visit her grandparents there. Nowadays the Bodollo family is spread out across the globe, but Lisa is still thankful for the strong bond they share. She was also the first Bodollo to get a college degree.

Lisa  pushes her students every day to do everything they can to the best of their ability and to always give 100 percent. “Dare to be remarkable, because what are your other options? You do not dare to be mediocre, to be lower than others,” she will say. “Some people can reach a certain level and be fine with their achievements, but you should always aim a little higher.  People don’t realize their own capabilities and therefore often do not realize all of the incredible things they can do!”

She believes in producing good shows of which people can look back on and be proud. She aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding the theater arts by encouraging others to “just try it” and by never putting people in a situation where they would be embarrassed. One of her goals is to also make theater classes less of a dumping ground for students who need an extra arts credit and more of a place where students can learn Cincinnati Country Day Teacher Lisa Bodollo inspires students through theater class.more about themselves and discover talents they never knew they had.

Lisa spends a large amount of her time giving back to the community outside of Cincinnati Country Day School. She currently serves as a committee member on the CCM Prep Department Board and the MSJ Arts Grant counsel. In the summer months, Lisa enjoys directing for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival and running her Theatreworks Summer Drama Camps for kids through the Northern Kentucky University Music Prep Department, Mount St. Joseph University and Madcap Puppets. She works a lot to try and create scholarships so kids don’t have to pay. She believes that the arts should never be denied to someone because they can not afford it try and often times those are the kids who need it the most.

Lisa is a big advocate for respect, both for others and also for oneself.  One act of kindness that she recalls fondly is when she was in Over the Rhine and saw an older woman who was struggling with groceries. Lisa pulled over her car and helped the woman carry the groceries to her apartment. “She trusted me.” Lisa said. “And in a today’s world where all you often hear about is people being hurt and taken advantage of, that trust meant a lot. It showed me that there is still goodness in the world.”

Lisa continues to inspire and lead everyday by blessing those around her with her beautiful personality and spunk. If she could give one piece of advice, it would be this; “Dare to be the best you can be, and most importantly, dare to be true to yourself.”



Courage, Confidence and Candidness



My intern, Brittney Bash, a junior at Cincinnati Country Day School is so wise beyond her years. In this post she shares her own, very personal meaning of the words courage, confidence and candor.

Cincinnati Country Day School student Brittany Bash writes about courage, confidence and candorI’m one person out of 4,404,625,370 in the world, a single face among the masses. I am young, indecisive. I can be stubborn, snippy, and sassy. Life throws me opportunities and sometimes I can’t catch them. Too often I find my beliefs being swayed, like branches in the breeze, by those around me because I have yet to plant my own roots. It can be hard for people to establish a solid foundation for their morals, I believe this is because we have a seeming incapability to feel the same way on topics when we are constantly experiencing new things that have the ability to change how we feel. However, I also believe that once we look inside ourselves to at least try and find what matters to us, we will know what personal values hold steady in our hearts and benefit from incorporating those values into our lives. There are three traits about myself that I absolutely know are important to me and that I search for in others.

Courage is a value of utmost importance to me. Fear is humankind’s most prevalent and powerful obstacle. We fear everything, and there will never come a day when we are truly fearless. The only fear that we have any hope of squandering is the fear of ourselves. By acknowledging one’s worries and weaknesses we have the capability to discover our passions and strengths. Unfortunately, too many of us fear the acceptance of the idea that we are not perfect, and that fear entangles itself into every situation. Once we obtain that mentality of perfection being unachievable we can let go of our shortcomings and focus on the things that make us incredible. It takes a lot of courage to do even little tasks such as admitting when you are wrong, and following your heart. Fear is like shadows, every object has one and even in the light, a certain angle can enhance it, making the shadow (something nonexistent) seem bigger than the object itself. I strive everyday to stand up for what I believe in, even if it means I stand alone. Humans are creatures of constancy and any sort of change evokes an uneasiness within them. Due to this fact I never allow myself to fall into any situation that is too comfortable or easy. By pushing my limits I push myself to experience life in its rawest, truest form.

Confidence is the trend that never goes out of style and looks good on everyone, but it takes hard work to maintain a positive self-image. It takes self-affection and self-reflection. It’s a common occurrence, yet we let others define our own greatness. We crave opinions about ourselves from those around us because we want to know that someone sees goodness in us or to use their criticism as an excuse to believe we will never be “good enough”. Truth be told, we will always have a false perception of who we truly are as individuals as long as we let other people instill in us who they think we are. Instead of fighting for acceptance from others, I fight for my own self-acceptance. Once we free ourselves from the confines and expectations of those around us we can become independent thinkers and will no longer need to rely on their approval.

Life is a precious thing to me, there are so many aspirations and dreams that I have but I realize that the most fun and fulfillment come from the journey. My life is a stream of candid moments, jamming out in the car with my sister, dramatically missing balls at lacrosse practice, and joking around with all of my friends. I’m not graceful, and there are a lot of things that I’m just not very good at, but I live life for the experiences. My quirky personality encompasses both my courage and confidence. I believe that I am my best self when I’m surrounded by various different personalities and get along with all of them. I dance in the rain, I stray from trodden paths, and I climb on my roof to watch the sky. I battle with my fears and I sometimes have to remember its okay to dress down in public. I have high standards and goals and sometimes it hard to not feel discouraged or beaten down when I don’t reach them. Disappointment is a part of life and even if I’m unable to predict my future, at least I can rely on the certainty of my values and morals, which will always remain steadfast in my heart.

Please Meet My New Intern


I am thrilled to introduce my new intern, Brittney Bash, who lives in New Richmond, Ohio and is a junior at Cincinnati Country Day School. As soon as I met her, I knew she would be a great fit for Good Things Going Around. She is someone who, like me, gets a lot of joy out of seeing others smile. She loves to be involved in her school and her community, and clearly learns about life from her experiences. And she is so enthusiastic about being a part of this blog. I am looking forward to getting to know her and her contributions.

Please learn more about Brittney from an introduction that she wrote about herself.

Brittney Bash, In Her Own Words


It really is a privilege to work with Lisa and I can’t wait to help her promote her blog, Good Things Going Around.

Brittney Bash is a junior at Cincinnati Country Day School I grew up in a big family in a small town. I have two older brothers, a twin sister, a little sister, three nephews, and a niece.  Throughout the last couple of years my home has also been the hotspot for British Soccer trainers looking for a place to stay.  Their presence in the family has not only brought tons of giggles and memories but also opened many cultural gateways.

When I was young my aunt hosted many exchange students, and at a very young age I realized my passion for travel and interest in the diversity of different cultures. To date, I’ve visited England, Mexico, The Dominic Republic, Holland, Belgium, and France. I hope that my list will multiply throughout my life.

I enjoy playing sports and the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes along with the experience. I’ve done cheerleading, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, and track. Sports have given me many valuable skills such as the ability to work as a team, confidence, communication skills, and they have also helped enhanced my leadership capabilities. Outside of sports I also enjoy singing in my school’s A Capella Club, and writing for the school newspaper, The Scroll. I’ll admit, one of my weaknesses is my impulsiveness to try new things. In addition to singing and writing I’ve also helped out with the Filmmaking Club and Science Olympiad.

After a busy week I find time to enjoy hobbies such as journaling, meeting with my youth group, socializing, and spending time with my family. I love spreading my sense of humor and joy to others and I am an active member of The Council of Disruptive Thinkers where we discus current topics in Cincinnati in attempt to find ways to help others in need.

Although I may be young, I hope that my many experiences, my open mind, and my optimistic persona bring a fresh perspective and refreshing insight to Good Things Going Around readers.




Rick Guidotti Is Changing How We See Our World


Last week, I had an incredible, rare opportunity through my public relations work for the Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival organized by LADD to meet and get to know someone whose vision, drive and passion is singlehandedly changing the way we see the world. The way we see each Lisa Desatnik and Rick Guidottiother.

Rick Guidotti was one of the most sought after fashion photographers. He traveled to exotic locations, always first class; and had studios in Milan, Paris and New York. Through his lens, he captured the eloquence of the world’s most elite super models for Revlon, Loreal, Marie Claire and Elle. But, through all of his success, something was missing.

Until that fateful day when Rick spotted a 12 year old girl with long, flowing white hair and pale skin waiting for a bus, his career had been focused on showcasing an industry’s standard on what beauty should look like. The problem, he realized, was that there was a real dichotomy between what his clients dictated he saw and what his eyes and heart saw as descriptors for that same label.

The last fifteen years have seen Rick’s lens refocus. On any given day he could be anywhere across the globe whether in Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, San Diego, New York…or Cincinnati capturing the essence of young and old whose only similarity is the fact that they have a genetic, physical, or behavioral condition. He is the founder and director of Positive Exposure, an innovative arts, education and advocacy organization that provides new opportunities for individuals to see people with differences as human beings first.

Rick is on a mission to use his talents to put the humanity into medicine, schools, workplaces, and communities through the words and images of people who have diagnoses. His goal for his art and his talks is for audiences to leave with a new perspective on those around them. He wants them to them to see the life, energy and beauty in ALL people no matter their differences.

While here in Cincinnati Rick spoke to hundreds of students at area schools and to an audience at a free talk at Obscura downtown. At every event I saw magic happen before my eyes. Young people who deal with typical issues of peer and academic pressure applauded loudly. The bleachers in the gymnasium at Summit Country Day School rocked as row after row of youth stood on their feet.

Rick Guidotti with students from Cincinnati Country Day School

Rick Guidotti with students from Cincinnati Country Day School

Last Friday the Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival had Rick photograph local families that he will use to create an exhibit for the Festival, which will be February 27 to March 7, 2015. If you missed any of the media coverage, here are some links.



Cincinnati Enquirer



It was truly a week that left a lasting impact on me. And it made one thing a lot more clear…the world needs many more Rick Guidotti’s.

Rick Guidotti and Positive ExposureIt is not too late to see Rick’s art. His #FotoFocus2014 exhibit will be on display at the Art Academy through October.



Students Donated Nearly $50,000 Through Magnified Giving


Last fall it was so wonderful to have been given the opportunity to learn about one of our region’s truly great philanthropists – Roger Grein when I helped raise awareness of his contributions. Roger has given to local nonprofits with his resources and his heart. However, his greatest legacy is in the hearts of thousands of young people in whom he and his Magnified Giving team of staff and volunteers have instilled long lasting generosity.

Magnified Giving is a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to educate, inspire, and engage students in philanthropy. Its vision of Magnified Giving is for every high school student in America, starting with the Greater Bishop Brossart High School students Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, to someday have the opportunity to learn first-hand how to be generous and wise philanthropists.

Each year, participating school groups are challenged to determine how they want to invest up to $2000 in a nonprofit. They research, evaluate nonprofit grant applications, fundraise to earn matching dollars – gaining leadership, communication, and teamwork skills as part of the process. This spring in a packed auditorium of over 600 students, teachers, nonprofits, donors, parents, and community leaders, nearly $50,000 was presented to causes doing great work.

“The most rewarding aspect of Magnified Giving is when what we do in the classroom reaches beyond the walls of the school in a tangible way. I see students ‘get it’ when they come back from a site visit,” said Julie Vehorn, director of curriculum and instruction at Roger Bacon High School overseeing her school’s Magnified Giving program.

Participating Schools

Aiken College & Career
Arlington Heights
Bishop Brossart
Chaminade Julienne
Cincinnati Country Day
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
Covington Catholic
Indian Hill
Miami Valley Christian Academy
Mother of Mercy
Mt. Notre Dame
Notre Dame Academy
Perry High School
Roger Bacon
St. Henry
St. Xavier
School for the Creative and Performing Arts
Starfire University
Summit Country Day
Ursuline Academy

Pilot Programs

Madeira Middle School
Northern KY Youth Advisory Board

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