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Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati Offers Veterinary Care


Pets bring us so much unconditional love. Their presence in our lives gives us joy when the world sometimes deals harsh blows. Their ever present companionship is a very special gift.

And that is why it is beyond hurt to see a family’s anguish when their financial challenges mean facing the reality that they simply cannot afford the expenses of a pet.

I love the idea of the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry that has helped thousands feed their pet. Now there is nonprofit Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati. In partnership with the University of Cincinnati’s veterinary program, the organization is dedicated to providing basic veterinary care for income-qualified individuals who cannot afford to take their pets to private veterinarians (with a limit of three pets per household).

“Through Pets In Need, we are helping animals that might otherwise wind up in already over-crowded shelters because their families can’t afford to give them the care they need. And we are helping pet owners who want to do the right thing for their pets, but who may have to balance that with the need to feed and clothe their children, pay the rent and keep the lights burning at home. Pets In Need is  dedicated to ensuring that it’s a choice no one in Greater Cincinnati ever will have to make again,” said Carol A. Sanger, president.

Beginning in February 2013, Pets In Need will offer regularly scheduled pet wellness clinics at its Lockland location (520 W. Wyoming Ave.; Cincinnati, OH 45215), where dogs and cats will be seen by licensed veterinarians and professional veterinary staff.

At a minimum, each animal will receive a routine health check-up, get their annual rabies and booster shots, and take home flea and tick medications, all at deeply discounted prices. Vouchers for low-cost spay/neuter also will be provided to PIN clients, and eligibility for follow-up care at Pets In Need will be contingent on having any unaltered animal spayed or neutered prior to their next visit. In addition, dental clinics will be offered several times a year as part of the PIN wellness program.


Sunday, November 4 from 2 to 5 pm
520 W Wyoming Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

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