Carolyn Evans Has A Heart For Animals


To many, Carolyn Evans is better known as Cincinnati’s very gifted and kind hearted PhoDOGrapher whose art is capturing the beautiful relationship between pets and their humans, and their very real emotions. Carolyn is also the heart and soul of what has grown to be one of the largest animal rescue adoption events in the region – even nationally – called My Furry Valentine.

She will tell you, it is a journey she never intended to take but sometimes in life your heart draws you down paths you hadn’t discovered. Carolyn grew up in an animal loving household. Dogs, bunnies, cats, hamsters, gerbils, mice and even a bird were part of their menagerie. Her role model for understanding and appreciating the welfare of animals was her Carolyn Evans, Cincinnati's PhoDOGrapher, is founder of My Furry Valentine dog and cat adoption eventmother. Together many years ago, mother and daughter were among a crowd protesting the capture of beluga whales.

You could say, caring for animals in need was just part of her DNA. It was about 20 years ago when Carolyn founded a non-profit called Happy Tails, that created note cards featuring touching stories and photographs of adopted animals. She couldn’t volunteer at shelters (as the vulnerability to come home with additions to her clan was too great) and saw this as a good solution. On the back of each note card was a description of the shelter or rescue group from which the animal came. Money raised went back to the shelters. Back then there was no such thing as PetFinder or rescue websites so this was an even more valuable service.

One thing led to another. People she had photographed and people who admired her work began asking for more photos, and soon PhoDOGrapher was born. In addition to photographing people and their non-human companions, she also photographed shelter dogs who were about to be euthanized in hopes of helping them find happiness again in a new home. I remember many of those images, portrayals of dogs whose lives were at risk because people had let them down. Carolyn’s talents have helped save countless animals.

She also joined the board as president of nonprofit, United Coalition for Animals (UCAN). UCAN opened our region’s first low-cost, high-volume spay/neuter clinic, offering an effective and humane alternative to euthanasia in tackling overcrowded shelters.

And, somewhere along the way she began holding small adoption events. However, a small thinker does not describe Carolyn. In 2012, she founded My Furry Valentine, an adoption event traditionally held over Valentine’s Day weekend that has grown so large that it now needs to be held in a convention center. In 2015 alone, the event helped facilitate the adoption of a record 813 animals. In five years, My Furry Valentine has collectively helped facilitate the adoption of over 2000 animals. It is a huge accomplishment with wide support from the media, sponsors, and rescue organizations.

Lisa:  What is the most rewarding part of your work?
Carolyn: For me, what is most rewarding is knowing you have impacted someone’s mindset on adoption. There are many people who would not have made the choice to adopt an animal if it were not for our event. Even greater than the numbers of direct adoptions through the actual event, we are planting that seed in people’s minds who, down the road, choose to bring an animal into their life this way. We are also making a long term impact by directing people to the rescues and shelters, who they may have otherwise never heard about. For many of our 2000 plus adoptions, those people were first time adopters and we made them a lifelong adopter instead of a buyer.

Lisa:  Tell us about your own pets.
Carolyn: Currently our home includes two dogs, Abby (a black flat coat mix) and Jack (a golden retriever/irish setter mix) who found their way to us shortly after our other two dogs passed away.

Jack is my photography muse as he is very photogenic. He was the cutest, furriest puppy at an adoption event we had just stopped at so that I could deliver a donation. I convinced my husband to come inside; and, after he had told me that IF they were going to get another dog, it would be older and smaller, he grabbed this flub ball who was not even potty trained. That was it.

Abby was a stray that a friend found wandering the streets of Covington, Kentucky in an area where animals are frequently abandoned. Our plans were to just foster her temporarily but we ended up keeping her.

Lisa:  What would you like to say to people about animals who are up for adoption?
Carolyn: Many animals end up in shelters and rescues through no fault of their own. They are often victims of circumstances outside of their control such as a change of life for their caregivers. But they have big hearts and they can forgive. They may need training and patience to fit into and adjust to their new family and home, but there are huge benefits.



My Furry Valentine Is Cincinnati’s Pet Adoption Mega Event


All too often puppies and dogs find their ways into shelters, for many reasons, often for no fault of their own. They are the victims of circumstances beyond their control, like an illness or death in the

Halle is up for adoption at My Furry Valentine

photo credit: PhoDOGrapher
for My Furry Valentine

family, divorce, growing family, family relocation, or improper training and preparation from owners.

Nearly 3 million of them are euthanized every year in the United States.

All I have to do is walk into my parents home where I am greeted with 40 pounds of love to be reminded these animals deserve places they can call home. I see all the time through my dog training clients and friends the beautiful gift of adoption.

Coming up this Valentine’s Day weekend is our region’s largest pet adoption event, My Furry Valentine. It will be at the Sharonville Convention Center from 10 am to 5 pm.

My Furry Valentine is hoping to find homes for 550 animals during the Cincinnati pet adoption weekend event. The event is fun, family-friendly and free to attend. This year’s My Furry Valentine is hosted by phoDOGrapher and presented by Top Dog sponsors IAMS and Tri-County Mall with additional financial assistance from The Joanie Bernard Foundation.

Before you adopt, please see my list of considerations at this link.


Rescued From Near Death, Pitbull Lacy Now Spreads Love


Meet pitbull Lacy, a beautiful girl who wants to teach us about forgiveness, love and kindness. Hers is a story that began tragically but today she is thriving and looking for her forever home. Phodographer Carolyn Evans selected Lacy for an Extreme Doggie Makeover. It’s a beautiful story. Please visit my pet blog to learn more – including how you meet Lacy.  Blog Article.

Pitbull Lacy Teaches About Love And Forgiveness


I’d like to introduce you to Lacy, a sweet Pitbull who believes whole heartedly in the concept of pay-it-forward by freely giving of her love to those who have shown her kindness.

Sadly, she wasn’t always surrounded by people who care. Lacy made headline news earlier this year when a Brown County farmer found her near skeletal frame under a pile of lumber, clinging to a life with an unknown future. Her emaciated body was near frozen from the harsh ice storm. She had a fractured skull, an ulcerated eye and a head swollen from infection.

Authorities figured her skinny 27 pound frame was discarded after she was likely used as practice for bigger, stronger dogs trained for illegal fighting. When Lacy was brought to the Brown County Animal Shelter, her teeth were filed down, her body was covered with old scars, and she needed surgeries to remove the remnants of bullets.

 A grudge? What is that?

The hearts of animals just amaze me. Such a powerless victim of senseless brutality should have no reason to trust humans again. But here she is a beautiful, plumped up girl who is eager to find her forever home where she can share and embellish love.

While her story began in an ugly place where evilness and hatred surrounded her. Those who have come into her life since that frigid day that she almost didn’t survive have more than saved her life. They have taught her that there really is good in this world. There are people who care and who can be trusted, and who want to see her thrive. And to each person who shows her some kindness, she gladly pays back with dogs kisses.

Lacy was a recently winner of Phodographer Carolyn Evans’  Extreme Doggie Makeover. Here she is being pampered by the groomer at Best Friends Pet Care of Cincinnati. And the happy studio picture below was taken by Carolyn to help Lacy find her forever home.

You can meet Lacy through the Adore-A-Bull Rescue group. You can even make her a part of her family.

And, if you do, I’d love to share your story.

Over 1,600 Animals For Adoption At ‘My Furry Valentine’


Last August, I wrote a blog post about a local photographer who specializes in capturing the personalities of pets. For Carolyn Evans though, her work goes so much deeper than her talent. She devotes so much time and energy into finding permanent, loving homes for animals who are without much hope.

If you know me, you know I have a special heart for what she does.

And so, I’m eager to help get word out about a huge event coming up next weekend that Carolyn is organizing with help from a friend, Kathy Parsanko, and a crew of other committed volunteers.

With Carolyn at the helm, for the first time EVER, shelters and rescue groups from our entire Tri-State region are pulling together with one unified mission: to educate the public that adoptable animals from shelters and rescue groups are one of the best sources for finding a new family pet -­‐-­‐ and to achieve the highest number of homeless pets ever adopted in Cincinnati in one day.

 My Furry Valentine, the Tri-­‐State’s largest Pet Adopton Event, will be held Saturday, February 11, from 11 am to 6 pm. with the main event being held at flexi USA, Inc. Headquarters.  (8494 Firebird Drive
West Chester, OH 45014) There are other participating locations – for a list, please visit


Over 1,600 adoptable animals will be looking for their permanent home. Could you be one?

Pet overpopulation is an enormous problem in the U.S., and in our area. More than 33,000 homeless, adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in our Cincinnati region, as a result.

Participating Shelters and Rescue Groups

ABC’s of Bullies, Adams County Dog Pound, Adore-­‐A-­‐Bull Rescue, All Dogs Come From Heaven, Animal Adoption Foundation (AAF), Animal Friends Humane Society, Animal Rescue Fund, Bluegrass Boxer Rescue, Boone County Animal Shelter, Brown County Animal Shelter, Campbell County Animal Shelter, Cincinnati Lab Rescue, Circle Tail, Coalition to Ban Dog Auctions, Clermont County Humane Society, Franklin County Humane Society, Friends of Noah, Grant County Animal Shelter, Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs (GRRAND), Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati, Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART), Homeward Bound Greyhound Association, Humane Association of Warren County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center, Joey’s Greyhound Friends, Inc., Kenton County Animal Shelter, Kyle’s New Hope Animal Rescue, League for Animal Welfare, Maverick’s Mission Rescue, Maysville Rescue Team, Michelle’s Spoiled Rotten Foster Dogs, Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, Moore Love Rescue, No Kill Tri-­‐State, Ohio Pug Rescue, Our Gang Rescue, Owen County Friends of Animals, Pampered Pets Animal Rescue (PPAR), Paws Adoption Center, Puppy Pals Rescue, Queen City Greyhounds, Recycled Doggies, Sacred Hearts Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, Save The Animals Foundation (STAF), SPCA Cincinnati Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP), The Scratching Post, This Little Piggy & Me Guinea Pig Adoption & Rescue, Three Sisters Pet Rescue, Tri-­‐State CART (County Animal Response Team), UCAN Non-­‐profit Spay Neuter Clinic, United Pet Fund, Wags & Whiskers… and more continue to register daily!

 Donations Accepted

My Furry Valentine is accepting donations that day on behalf of the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry (providing temporary food assistance for animals whose owners are struggling financially.) They accept unopened, unexpired bags of dog/cat food and kitty litter. And also for Blankets and Bones (a community outreach program that provides comfort to dogs in shelters) accepts new or gently-­‐used blankets and new rawhide bones. Anyone bringing a donation to the event will be eligible to win one of several great prizes.

My Furry Valentine is sponsored by Flexi USA, Alcott and PhoDographer. More information, including adoptable pets and satellite adoption locations for the day is available at

This is a GREAT PSA on pet adoption!

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