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Happy Valentine’s Day!


kids at Kennedy Heights Montessori Center in Cincinnati made Valentine's Day cards for seniors


I don’t know who gets more out of my visits to the Kennedy Heights Montessori Center, me or the kids. Usually I read to the 3 to 6 year olds, but last week we did something different. They each made a personal, hand made Valentine’s Day car that I brought to residents of a local nursing home. The children had so much fun making their gifts and how special those gifts were to the older adults who received them.

The greatest lesson in this world is how to give and receive love.


Nelson Mandela Taught Us Of Great Possibilities


In his life time, Nelson Mandela was the voice for the voiceless. He was the inspiration for acceptance, perseverance, forgiveness, optimism, integrity, justice, freedom and love. He gave so much to this world and his contributions will never be forgotten. Let us never forget him, and let his example teach us of our great possibilities.

quote by Nelson Mandela on love

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