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Cincinnati Student Competing In National Science Contest


Way to go Alex Kelley, 5th grader at Aldersgate Christian Academy! Rebecca Kelley’s son needs your vote. He is the only Cincinnati student competing in a national science contest for a prize of $10,000 to his school.

How did he get this far? He submitted a 16-page paper on his gravity experiment that tested his hypothesis: that a Cincinnati student, Alex Kelley, competing in national science contestbubble wrap layer would absorb the force of impact of an egg hitting asphalt when used with a parachute.

“The bubble wrap layer will absorb the force of impact when the egg hits the asphalt. The parachute slowed the descent of the egg onto the asphalt.  The bubble wrap and the parachute will protect the egg,” he wrote.

Alex listed these REAL LIFE APPLICATIONS for the PHYSICS PRINCIPLES he applied:

  1. An air bag in a car increases the time it takes a person to potentially fly forward.
  2. When a sports player wears padding, the person is increasing the time and decreasing the force if someone were to tackle them. The padding absorbs the force.
  3. Shock absorbers on vehicles keep us from bouncing up and down.
  4. Shipping with bubble wrap protect the mail.
  5. Playgrounds now use shredded rubber tires instead of mulch, since it is safer
  6. A parachutist bending his or her knees reduces shock.

Alex’s video:

To vote for Alex, please click here.

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