Susan Booth

A Neighbor Who Cares


Something to give you thought:  If your neighbor had an accident that caused her to be immobile, would you step up to help her out? Janet Nieheisel is a neighbor who did.

Facebook has given me the great pleasure of getting to know Susan Booth, a Northern Kentucky realtor with Coldwell Banker West Shell. She is someone with such a generous heart herself who gives of herself to help others, and who brightens my days with her comments. I wanted to learn Susan Booth, a Northern Kentucky realtor with Coldwell Banker West Shell, shares a random act of kindness story from her neighbor after a debilitating accident.about an experience when the tables were turned and she was on the recipient end of kindness. This is what she shared.

In her own words:

“I have had many acts of kindness over the years directed towards me.  One in particular occurred in October 2012 through April or so, in 2013.  In October I had severely broken my left leg in a horse incident in Lexington, Ky., which required surgery, and I really couldn’t walk (on crutches, walker, or any other device), for a good seven months.  It was actually, not until late August of 2013, that I could sort of walk unaided without losing my balance, etc.

During this time period, a wonderful friend and neighbor (Janet Nieheisel), would call me every Friday late afternoon before she left work, to see if I needed anything from the grocery or whatever.  She did this for me until, late April, when I could get around on crutches and a walker.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer, and just wanted to make sure I was alright.

I had 3 dogs to take care of as well, and no invisible fence then, which made life interesting.  I also had to hire a dog walker to come twice a day and take my doggies out.

Janet has since become a very good friend, and has gone on to become a nurse (master’s degree at Christ Hospital).  She said it was from having to come here and assist me!!”


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