A Tribute To Teachers


Every day millions of teachers are entrusted with the lofty responsibility of teaching our nation’s children. And, on any normal day, that is exactly what they do. But then, there are those not so normal days when the unthinkable  becomes reality. When a shooter ravages the hallways or a powerful tornado pillages the classrooms. On those days, we are reminded these teachers who are entrusted with our future are also protectors and heroes.

Thank you to them!

A tribute to teachers


Cincinnati Teachers Embark On Global Fellowships


What a great opportunity for these eight Cincinnati teachers to pursue learning with some very unique and creative ideas. I saw this on the Strive Together website. The Fund for Teachers recently awarded them $39,000 in grants to embark on global fellowships throughout the summer. Strive partners with the Fund for Teachers to administer the grants locally.

Here are three examples of what they’ll be doing:

• Carla Lamb (Clark Montessori High School) who will explore art adorning walls/public spaces in Seattle, Berlin and Prague to witness how intended barriers now connect communities and to teach students that street art can be purposeful, embody strong aesthetics and unite diverse populations;

• Robert Hollifield (Gilbert A. Dater High School) who will navigate through seven national parks, three private nature reserves, three active volcanoes, and one costal ecosystem in Costa Rica to introduce students to biodiversity outside their urban Ohio environment and ignite a passion to engage in local activities promoting environmental awareness and protection; and,

• Anne-Catherine Foster (Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies) who will participate in an intensive Spanish language immersion program in Boquete, Panama, to better comprehend how ESL students’ life experiences inform their success in acquisition of the English language and culture.

(Note: image is of artwork by Carla Lamb titled Raven Evermore. It is displayed on Michigoose’s Gander at Quilts and Life blog.)


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