I’m Feeling Grateful On Thanksgiving


My family about ten years ago

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is upon us, a special week for my family as it typically is the only time during the year when we all are able to be together.

Time flies by at such a fast pace. I remember like it was yesterday the Thanksgiving when we were thinking about possible names as my brother and his wife were eagerly awaiting word from the adoption agency that they would be bringing home a baby girl. That precious little infant, whose first plane ride took her across the world from an orphanage in India to the arms of loving parents in California, will on Sunday be arriving in Greater Cincinnati as beautiful young woman who is now a licensed driver and has already gone to her first homecoming. Her intelligence, determination and heart are what make her so special.

Thanksgiving is a reminder to me to appreciate all that I have – the people in my life who have been an inspiration, the opportunities I have been given to pursue my passions and make a positive impact in my own way, the places I have seen, the experiences that have given me strength. I am so grateful to have such loving parents who live only a few miles away.

It is so easy in our busy lives to take what we have for granted. Think how much richer our lives would be if we celebrated Thanksgiving gratitude all year long. Let’s make that a goal for ourselves.

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