United Way of Greater Cincinnati 2015 Campaign

United Way Success Benefits Everyone


Congratulations to the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, its staff, volunteer leadership and army of community volunteers and companies who together campaigned vehemently to raise critical dollars for our region’s very important social services!

United Way of Greater Cincinnati Exceeded Its 2015 Fundraising Goal

photo courtesy of United Way of Greater Cincinnati

It was announced last week that the 2015 United Way Campaign surpassed its $62 million goal – raising $62,000,053! And it is the very first time that the campaign has grown by $1 million since 2007.

This year’s fundraising efforts, which kicked off Aug. 26, also included 18 new donors of $25,000 or more and 115 donors of $10,000 or more.

That is huge!

It is an incredible feat raising that kind of money in a few short months. What those numbers speak about the generosity of our community and the heart of thousands who contributed through time, talent and resources is truly touching.

We live in a region where people connect and care. Neighbors, co-workers, families and friends share in the responsibility of the health and vitality of our community greater than themselves. They understand that unity builds strength and together we are all better.

The United Way of Greater Cincinnati supports a whopping 280 community programs in our region. That $62+ million raised supports efforts helping troubled, abused and/or underserved youth to grow in positive ways; valuable therapy and emotional support for individuals and families impacted by diseases and other health conditions, financial crises, or other traumas; education and other efforts to help parents be better parents; work to empower and include people affected by disability; quality of life efforts for our community’s older adults.

“Reaching this goal in our centennial year is a major accomplishment and a testament to the incredible generosity of this community – one which recognizes the importance of ensuring children get off to a strong start and achieve success in school, families have the financial stability that can come with gainful employment, and individuals lead healthy lives,” United Way of Greater Cincinnati President Robert Reifsnyder told the Enquirer.

A major accomplishment, absolutely! To everyone who contributed to making that success happen, thank you!

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