Random Act Of Kindness Spread By Eight Year Old


Some of our greatest humanitarians…are just eight years old. Johnny Karlinchak is counted among them.

In late June, a deadly storm swept through his Springfield, Virginia neighborhood. Two people were killed and massive damage was all about – including a 60 foot oak tree that crushed his neighbor’s home.

Johnny took one look, ran to his piggy bank, and emptied his life savings (all in quarters) of $1.25. But her insurance deductible was $500 he later learned.

 So, what did Johnny do?

The determined boy set up a lemonade stand to earn the rest. Reported by the New York Times Daily News, he raised $21 his first day. Several days later, that fund grew to $108 and when he met his goal, he kept fundraising…he’s raised over $700.

I heard Johnny’s interview on WTOP radio when he explained he was inspired by his neighbor’s generosity four years ago when his six year old sister, Kelly, was killed in a car accident. Simple acts of kindness have a way of spreading.

 “I lost many, many things that day. But things did not make me cry,” Johnny’s neighbor, Elissa Myers told the Washington Post. “The overwhelming kindness of Johnny did.”

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2 Responses to Random Act Of Kindness Spread By Eight Year Old

  • Little things can easily turn into bigger ones, and sometimes it takes an 8-year-old boy like Johnny to remind us. We should all remember that everything can grow, but only if we plant the “seed” to get things started. Good for you Johnny!

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