YMCA Kids Brightened The Holidays For Soldiers In Afghanistan


This is so truly special. To anyone who has ever wondered if your thoughtfulness made an impact, please read the letter below. The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati works hard in every program to instill caring, respect, responsibility and honesty in children at very early ages. It’s just such an important part of raising compassionate young people who are learning that kindness does matter.

So one example is a project from one of the YMCA’s Early Learning Centers. If you read the letter, you’ll see how some very special children brightened the season of some extraordinary men and woman who are making huge sacrifices for us all.

Dear Kelly,

My name is Sergeant Major Richard Wolfe and my Soldiers recently received a care package from the YMCA Early Learning Center, Cincinnati, OH 45237 that included a note from your children.  I specifically picked up a card from *Michael thanking our troops and wishing us Happy Holidays.  I am the senior Non-Commissioned Officer for a few hundred Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen and on behalf of them I want to thank you all for remembering us here in Afghanistan this holiday season.  I am the dad of 4 boys, ages 28, 26, 22, and 6 and recognize the YMCA as wonderful organization doing great things for our youth.  God Bless you for what you do.  I want you to know that what you and the folks do in support of our troops matters and we appreciate it very much.  We have troops from Ohio serving with us and my dad is originally from Salem, Ohio.  You and the kids are a great example of the wonderful folks from the Buckeye state.  Again, God Bless you all and your families and have a blessed Christmas and New Years.  Please tell the kids that their notes arrived safely and we thank them.

*For privacy I have changed the boy’s name.

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