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Lisa Desatnik

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I have spent over 25 years using my communication skills to help causes, companies and events creating positive change. As a result of my being a part of their team, clients have reported seeing greater exposure and understanding of their brand than ever before, and strengthened relationships with people who have the capacity to impact their success.

Why I love what I do is because of the satisfaction I get knowing my work is impacting lives in very meaningful ways.

Please scroll to the bottom to view my visual portfolio. Please click on the link just below (called Lisa Desatnik PR Resume) to read my professional bio of results.

Lisa Desatnik Public Relations Resume


Cincinnati public relations and communication consultant Lisa Desatnik experience

I’ve created and implemented many successful cause-related campaigns and programs such as the award winning Lighthouse Vision Awards and the Collecting for Kids school supply drive. Included among my other past experience is: creating a PR campaign to change the image of newly developed Betts Longworth Historic District, for 8 years coordinating publicity and creative elements of the Inclusion Leadership Awards Event, and creating a PR campaign to help launch the Hidden Treasures CD (tribute to King Records) that resulted in a packed release party. I’ve also worked on numerous other events. Among them – the Appalachian Festival (have been the main local media contact for that event for more than 18 years), the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati’s Buddy Walk, the YMCA Salute to Black Achievers, YMCA Character Awards, Greater Cincinnati Alzeimer’s Association Memory Walk, Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Association’s Voices of Giving Awards and more.

My most recent large role was as serving as director of public relations for both the 2015 and the 2017 Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival, our region’s largest film festival with a unique purpose of bringing people together to explore differences and our shared humanity.

When I was hired by the Festival (organized by Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled, LADD) late summer of 2014, much of Greater Cincinnati had never heard of it; and few people who I reached out to had any idea of the scope of the event or its value to our community – including me, admittedly. Even those who worked for the nonprofit host agencies and sponsors did not have a sense of the event’s importance. I was charged with developing and implementing a communication plan aimed at raising awareness, excitement and participation in the bi-annual event – all with a very limited budget. This included responsibilities for messaging and management of relationship building strategies with targeted constituents and the general community using diverse strategies including traditional media, social media and grassroots tactics. One example of the tactics was the #DifferentLikeYou Campaign that shared brief, unique stories of a broad range of people from within Greater Cincinnati and the films and VIPs who were part of the Festival.

In a few short months, it all came together to create a community that supported the film festival beyond our wildest dreams in classrooms, board rooms, businesses, entertainment venues, stores, nonprofits, and universities. In addition to building their social media presence, the traditional media was hugely engaged and nearly 4,500 people attended Festival events with numerous events having sold out. I loved being a part of the 2017 Film Festival too. Here is a link for more on the most recent event.

Among the  organizations with whom I have worked or am currently working with are: Inclusion Network, YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Beech Acres Parenting Center, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Appalachian Festival, Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Association, Cincinnati Arts & Technology Center, Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation, Lighthouse Youth Services, Accountability and Credibility Together, CRI mental health agency, Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, West Shell REALTORS, Huff REALTY and more.

An animal lover sharing my home with two birds, I have been studying positive behavior management for many years and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others. My pet interest has led me to become a pet behavior columnist for Hyde Park Living and pet trainer (working mostly with dogs and parrots). Please click here to learn more about my pet training.

To learn more about my professional background, please click on the links below.  Please also watch my Impact Portfolio at the bottom.

Can I be of help to you and your organization? Please get in touch with me and let’s talk.
Please visit my Contact page and reach out!

I invite you to please view my Storytelling At Work portfolio to see samples of my impact. (After you click the play button, you can click in the square at the bottom of the PowerPoint to make it full screen.)

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