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What makes your life, your experiences, your perspective GOOD? I’d love to hear from you and consider sharing your story.  In two to three paragraphs (please include your write up in the comments section of the form), please tell me about one or more of the following…or something else that will uplift my readers:

  • An inspiring life lesson
  • Your role model or mentor and how that person has impacted your life
  • An accomplishment of which you are proud
  • An act of kindness you witnessed or were part of
  • Volunteer work
  • Your gratitude list
  • Words that you live by
  • A meaningful relationship
  • Things that make you smile
  • An organization doing good things
  • Reflections on life or work

Please note that I will also need a clear, high resolution image with the people identified in the photo. By submitting the photo, you are acknowledging that individuals in the photographs are giving me permission to post the image in my blog and on social media; and waive and release me from any claims including compensation.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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