Be A ‘Good Things Pledge’ Champion


Have you heard about the Good Things Pledge?

A Good Things pledge is simply a promise – a personal vow that involves liking yourself and others, appreciating the little things that make life special, being kind, and being aware that every small act has the potential for a huge impact. Those behaviors are collectively called Good Things and many people  are already doing them.

By being a Good Things Pledge champion, you are making a promise to remind yourself every day of what is positive…And you are helping to keep Good Things Going Around. As my gift to you for making that promise, when you register that you have taken the Good Things Pledge, I will send you a colorful, frameable certificate.

HOW DO YOU REGISTER? Simply scroll down in the white box below the Pledge. You’ll see places to enter your contact information. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN AND CLICK ‘SUBMIT’.

I encourage you to use  Share This at the bottom to keep this Good Things outbreak going strong!

Warmest wishes,
Lisa Desatnik

(A special thanks to graphic designer/illustrator Linda Mitchell for my beautiful artwork)

The Good Things Pledge

On this day and every day, I pledge to myself…
I will be thankful for what I have,
for people who I love and people who love me.
I will walk tall and not be afraid to fall.
I will be kind and help others just because I can.
I will brighten this day with my smile.
I will do my best to be the best me I can be.

(c) Lisa Desatnik

Help Good Things Spread

How To Help:

  1. Take the Good Things Pledge
  2. Encourage others to take the Good Things Pledge
  3. NOTE: Please share this page with friends via email or social  networks via the ‘Share This’ links below
  4. PLEASE grab a Good Things badge from Photobucket here, and share it on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites
  5. Get in the conversation. On Facebook, post a video, comment to a suggestion for Good Things or recommend one, encourage your friends to participate through your personal profile page. On Twitter, share a comment about Good Things with the hashtag #GTPledge and follow @goodthingslisa

Remember, please help keep Good Things Going Around and share this page with friends!

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